Our purpose

The best dance encounter!

At Kinetik Pearl, we believe in empowering girls to become women of their own success through dance. We are an unique dance company that focuses intrinsically and extrinsically. Part of our company is performance-based, meaning we'll dance at corporate events, churches, schools,  choreograph performances, or help execute your production without a hassle. The second part of our company is fitness-based, meaning we encourage a healthy lifestyle, host workout classes for you to attend or your own private class. Come see what we’re all about, and start your dance experience with us today!


Jessica Kelly


I am a multifaceted jewel that is here to help you become the best person you can be. I have been doing what I love by choreographing award-winning routines for different people, teams, churches and companies for over 8 years.  I received my Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology with a specialization in Athletic Training from Houston Baptist University. While I was enrolled, I served in various leadership roles like president of the Sigma Theta Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. During undergrad, I worked three jobs (including Zumba), participated in Big Brother Big Sister mentoring program, did community service projects, had a praise dance team ,and managed to live on my own. By the grace of God, I was able to always find peace as I danced. After HBU I have,

  • Judged at Baylor University for their "SING" competition.

  • Coach the Elite Dance Team at HBU

  • Teach Dance, Tumble, Cheer,and Yoga to 2-5yrs old

  • Taught Master Zumba Classes at prominent events and more!


Meet the Team


Jennifer Thomas

Dynamic Duo Instructor

Dynamic Duo Instructors has two specific specialties. Jennifer is our certified Zumba instructor, Fierce BARE (no heels) instructor, and Mime choreographer. If you’re really looking to catch an awesome worship experience, Jennifer really knows how to create that “WOW” factor in her Mime Choreography. As a multifaceted jewel of Kinetik Pearl, you definitely won’t be let down.


Christa Washington

Triple Threat Instructor

Triple Threat Instructors can teach 3 different classes. Christa has the ability to teach Line Dance, Fierce! BARE (no heels), and Fierce! (our heels class) classes. She has had experience with mime, drill team, praise dance and stepping. We don’t know what we would do without Christa on our team.


Kartia Coffey

Single Stepper Instructor

Kartia is a truly an excellent Line dance instructor. She is a Single Stepper Instructor because she also oversees business operations and emcees our events. She is passionate about a healthy lifestyle, cycling, yoga, and community involvement. Kartia is committed to the growth and general well-being of Kinetik Pearl.